About me

Maarten Voortman (1987) has been playing piano since as long as he can remember. In 2016 he graduated as a Master of Music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, a long cherished dream. In the evaluation it was noted by Karel Boehlee, one of his teachers, that "there's so much music going on in there, I can't wait to hear what's more."

As a player his style is easily identifiable. He has a firm grasp on the jazz tradition, a consequence of a fiery love for bebop and Bud Powell, who remains an example to this day. But nevertheless his range is as broad as his taste in music, ranging from jazz, to pop and classical music. 

In the past few years he's made a name for himself in the city of Amsterdam, being a regular on the scene and a sought after pianist. He organizes his own band nights at Meneer de Wit Heeft Honger.

He's been on tour with his Bud Powell Tribute project, recorded his first album "Epilogue" in 2017 and right now is working on his new album, "Haas", featuring Mo van der Does, Jeroen Batterink and Hendrik Mueller.