Maarten Voortman

Pianist & Composer

"I believe in improvised music lies a unique ability and power to connect people in a shared experience of the unknown."

Maarten Voortman by Philine van den Hul.

Maarten Voortman by Philine van den Hul

Project "Haas"

"Haas" is title of my new upcoming album. It's a personal record describing the experience I've had with burn-out and recovery. 


It features twelve of my compositions divided into four chapters; crisis, the problem, the unraveling and enactment. 


Haas features Mo van der Does on alto, Hendrik Mueller on bass, Jeroen Batterink on drums and is to be released digitally towards the end of 2024, and on vinyl in the spring of 2025.


For updates, check my Instagram account.


"Epilogue" is my first album released as a leader. It was recorded in 2017 and released in the Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam in 2019. It's a collection of pieces I wrote during my time in the master's program of the CvA and recorded after my graduation, hence the title. 


With Mo van der Does on alto, Matthias van den Brande on tenor, Hendrik Mueller on bass and Ruud Voesten on drums. Click the cover to check it out on Spotify.

Artwork by Allison Rachel.