Project "Haas"

Haas is a personal musical project about my experience with burn-out and recovery. The album was recorded in Studio 105 in Amsterdam Noord and is in develepmont now. Follow me on instagram to stay updated. 

The Hare - Epilogue

Live recording from the release night in the Roode Bioscoop. It's an original piece featuring Mo van der Does on alto, Matthias van den Brande on tenor, Hendrik Mueller on bass and Ruud Voesten on drums.  The Bioscoop was absolutely packed with friends, family and music lovers and it's a night remember very fondly.

Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby

A standard we played during the Bud Powell Tribute Tour in Jazzclub de Tor in Enschede, with Bart Tarenskeen on bass and Ruud Voesten on drums. This video is from 2017 which seems forever ago.

The Bart Tarenskeen Trio 

Bart Tarenskeen's new trio featuring me and Joost Zoeteman on guitar. Hopefully we're recording soon!